The 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research in Hamamatsu

The 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research in Hamamatsu


Call for Abstract/Acceptance Result

Abstract Submission Deadline

Noon, June 30 (THU), 2022 (JST)
Noon, July 14 (THU), 2022 (JST)

Abstract submission has been closed. Thank you for your submitting.

Presenter Eligibility

The presenter must be a member of The Japanese Society for AIDS Research. If you are not a member of The Japanese Society for AIDS Research, please review the below "this page" and complete your membership. However, the co-author(s) does not have to be The Japanese Society for AIDS Research member(s).
Only one presentation is allowed per person. However, this may not apply to co-authors listed in the joint presentation.

Please review this page

The Japanese Society for AIDS Research Secretariat
Microbiological Science Inc.
4-13-18 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
112-0002, Japan
Fax: +81-3-6231-4035

Type of Presentation

We are calling for two types of presentation for the general session: Oral and Poster.
The Program Committee will, choose oral presenters from the abstracts submitted under the types "Oral" or "Either".
If you would like to give an oral presentation, please choose for Oral Presentation.
If you would like to give a poster presentation, please choose for Poster.

There will be a workshop held with excellent abstracts, selected from [Clinical] and [Basic] category, that are submitted by young participants.
*Criterion of "young participant" is first authors being younger than 45 years old as of December 1, 2022, and is a member of The Japanese Society for AIDS Research

*Details will be announced at later date.


1. opportunistic infection / malignancy / hepatitis11. U=U and safer conception /mother-to-child transmission / dentistry
2. anti-retroviral therapy12. laboratory test
3. aging / elderly health13. clinical epidemiology
4. lifestyle disease14. nursing / long-term care / collaborativecare
5. weight gain / adverse drug reaction15. case report
6. HAND / mental health / drug addiction16. SNS / communication
7. clinical pharmacology17. international cooperation
8. drug resistance (clinical)18. COVID-19 : online care / collaborative
9. pharmacist / pharmacy / medicationadherence19. COVID-19 : acute infection / co-infection
10. PEP / PrEP / STI / STD20. others (clinical)
1. replication / infection8. drug resistance (basic)
2. host factor9. molecular epidemiology
3. accessory gene10. structure
4. pathogenesis11. latent infection / reservoir
5. immunity / vaccine12. HTLV-1 & other retroviruses
6. animal model13. COVID-19 (basic)
7. development of anti-retrovirals14. others (basic)
1. epidemiology11. policy / medical system
2. behavioral science / opinionnaire12. HIV testing & consultation
3. education13. counseling
4. prevention / condom / PrEP14. social work
5. MSM15. support for people living with HIV
6. foreign resident16. health & care consultation
7. global health17. home care support / care coordination
8. sex work18. human rights / ethics / U=U
9. substance use / addiction19. information provision
10. drug-induced HIV infection20. others (social)

Presentation Title Character Limit

The title should be no longer than 160 characters (including spaces).
Superscripts, subscripts, and italics are available, but not line breaks.

Abstract Character Limit

The abstract main text should be no longer than 1,600 characters (including spaces).

Acceptance and Classification

The Program Committee is in sole charge of the decision of acceptance or rejection of the abstracts. The decision will be communicated through email.

Abstract Submission Method

After submitting the abstract, you will receive an E-mail confirming the receipt of your abstract.
If you do not receive this e-mail, please contact the congress secretariat.

Abstract SubmissionReference / Update

Personal Information Policy

Personal information submitted will only be used for the purpose of conducting The 36th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for AIDS Research Meeting. Moreover, personal information submitted will be strictly controlled with a necessary security measure.

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest (COI)

Disclosure of conflict of interest (COI) is required for all the presentation.
Please click on the button below to download COI slide sample.

Conflict of Interest No Conflict of Interest

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